3.1: READ THIS FIRST before applying.

 So you want to Wwoof @ T-House? Good choice!

** Please Note: T-House does not qualify for a second year Visa **

Once you have applied for Wwoofing at T-House we will get in contact with you and organise a time for you to come and share a meal with us (usually a Thursday night community dinner). Hopefully you will have already learned about our base principles by spending time to research and read the information and guides provided on the t-house.org website.

This is really important as T-House is not a 'typical' community. Next it is important for us all to get an understanding for each other on a personal level.  


Because of the limited spaces at T-House we have put this system in place to ensure that each member really wants to be an active participant. From experience we know a few reasons why persons may not be suited for this particular project; clashing interests, diet, prior commitments or generally just prefering to live independently.

Don't get us wrong, these are not neccassarily negative, just not an ideal for the development of T-House projects. This would be your living situation but it is also a choice to be a participant in an actively developing project.


3.2: Wwoofing Contribution

Wwoofing hours are 5 hours per day, 5 days on, 2 days off. In total that is 25 hours commitment (plus a few hours of communal cooking per week).


Some of these shifts are 'Digital' Wwoofing & the rest of your Wwoofing hours will be spent working in the house or garden. There are always new projects under way that we would love your involvement in. This is open for discussion too, there are many garden beds and spaces in the house that can be developed, we love it when someone comes forward with an idea and plan of how we can improve our space or systems.  

Documentation is a very important part of our T-House project. Wwoofers are expected to take notes about what they learn and document it afterwards. The last hour of Wwoofing will be spent on getting the notes down into a text document. You could record these in your phone or diary. Bring these along to weekly meetings alongside 'Manuel'.


2 Weeks is the maxium length of stay for a Wwoofer.


3.3: Digital Wwoofing

This program is similar to 'normal' Wwoofing, but you are working on a 'digital farm'. We are an urban space at T-House and so do not have unlimited physical ground-work to do. However, there are worthwhile digital projects we can offer for people to volunteer their time to. If we are full in the garden, we can still usually give you a yes if you are prepared to do Digital Wwoofing & some paperwork. Digital projects include; updating, maintaining and keeping our website, manuals, systems and other tech footprints current. We are usually looking for people to help us this way.   


3.4: T-House Manual


'Manuel' is always getting older. The manual is an ongoing project. Created to help fill you in on any information about the systems in place here at T-House. It is a valuable resource. Put aside the time to research and read (there's lots of information). Even better take some notes to give us feedback. In constant development are the; 'T-House Manual', 'Plant Manual', 'Food Manual' & 'Tech Manual'. 'Manuel' is the oldest resident of T-House.



So you're still keen to give T-House a go? Write an expression of interest. Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Love & Peace,

The T-House Crew