Healthy Activities at T-House

-Every Third Saturday of the month at the T-house (346 Sheridan Street) starting the food preparation at 12 pm.

- Thursday Night Dinners

-While we support our local business, this page is for sharing knowledge rather than for commercial purposes.

(ideas: locally grown and little processed, the meals are vegetarian often by accident also vegan and gluten or/and lactose free, as that's what happens if you cook out of a garden (= )

Otherwise make a donation!

Currently, I guide a group of people in form of an interactive workshop in which we create delicious meals from plant-based, local ingredients in the pleasant surrounding of the T-House.

I love sharing my knowledge on sustainable nutrition in this social surrounding with its own garden to use for the meals, as it forms a great environment to teach and learn about the importance of food.

The cooking focuses on healthy, in-expensive, easy and yummy meals with less destructive impact on nature.

other topics:

  • kitchen garden connection
  • bush foods
  • edible weeds
  • food supply and its impacts

Previous projects like an Interactive Food Space at at Adams Dam and the communal preparation of meals at Digger Street gave me a good overview over simple processes and on how to have people learning about food by preparing it collaboratively.

Check out my nutrition history to find out more about my background.

start with a tour in the garden and pick edibles, definitely a lot of spinaches like ibeka and brazil spinach to have a big portion of greens for the mineral and fiber and antioxidant, phytosterols etc so that your community is well nurtured.

Of course also fresh greens and herbs and whatever is there for a big mixed salad. (make sure you only take so much that you can harvest again the next day and the next and the next... (=

Then have a look in the storage and the fridges and grab what needs using and would go off otherwise.