• Feed them grain, citrus free compost and weeds/leaves from the garden every day.
  • Replace water every other day.
  • Clean out nesting boxes and use straw for the garden weekly.
  • You can feed them eggshells. They like the calcium. However grind them up first so the chickens don't start eating there own eggs.


  • Empty daily to avoid rodents and insects in kitchen.
  • Empty bucket into the black bin and then place 10cm thick layer of leaf mulch on top of food in bin.
  • Try to avoid too much dairy product.

Toilet areas

Remember that lots of people use the toilet facilities they must be kept clean at all times.

Clean toilet straight after use.

Please make sure there is always toilet paper available .

Clean floor area if you make a mess.

Do not let bins get over full take them out if they are full. If you need a bag for the bin, they are in the drawer to the right of the kitchen sink.

Clean down surface and sink after use.

Please provide all of your own toiletries make sure they are earth friendly please.

If you see that there is a mess and no one has cleaned it. Please pitch in and take care of it.

We have a Wednesday community meeting for any problems that you have with the facility.

Shed Area

Please feel free to use the area in the shed for any projects you are working on. We do not want people taking tools away from this area with out asking first. These tools are only to be used by residents and wwoofers currently staying here.

Make sure you know what you are doing before using a tool. There are always people around to ask for help. We do not want anyone getting HURT please.

This area needs to be kept clean too. This is not a dumping ground, and it is not a storage shed. It is used as a digger street work shop, and we like to keep it functional.

Laundry Area

Laundry area must be kept clean at all times.

Please remember your clothes when cleaning them. Once the wash cycle is finished please hang clothes to dry. Once dried please put them away in your room. Forgotten clothing can get in the way of someone else trying to do their laundry.

We ask that you use only earth-friendly detergent. If you don’t have any of your own, feel free to use our detergent and kindly leave a donation to help purchase the next bottle.