Moving In -Rent & Obligations 

Digger Street is not a share house. It is an arts project built around an Artist in Residence Program that is intertwined with local arts projects.

Rent includes all food, bills, internet and the roof over your head. We do not separate out anything. This makes your stay as financially hassle free as possible.

We have very little storage space so all residents are expected to only arrive with items for their room. Any items beyond this, need to be stored off site at the resident's own expense.

All cars are to be parked on the street.

Paying Rent 

Currently, we operate a cashless system. This is made possible by the use of internet transfers. They have many advantages:

  • Always on time
  • Reduce the amount of cash on the premises
  • Reduce the burden on the financial officer
  • Set up transfer and it will go directly into the bank account

The financial officer will provide you with all the details you require and many of the digger street residents are tech savvy and will able to help you set up the bank transfer, if you are unsure of how to do this.

Shorts stays, guests & overseas visitors without a local bank account may pay cash by depositing their required amount into the bank in person or negotiate to pay a long term resident who will then make separate deposit with the shorts stays, guests & overseas visitor's name.

All deposits need to have cleared before the day evening meeting so may need to be paid by the Friday before!


A Bond of two weeks plus two weeks rent is required prior to moving in. All following rent payments should be made to clear before the Wednesday House Meeting so may need to be deposited by the Friday before.

The Move

We expect that:

  • When you move in you should have your two weeks bond and two weeks rent money.
  • You have Read the Digger Street Manifesto.
  • You have signed the Residents agreement.
  • Once settled into your room, please familiarise yourself with the tasks list, pick one, and knock us all out with your initiative and drive.
  • We have given you a digger street buddy who will answer your questions, if not let us know!


Two weeks notice is required in regards to vacating and no refund is returned in regards to remaining days if no prior arrangement was made.

You must have paid two weeks in advance at all times unless a prior arrangement is made with the treasurer. Please keep to the agreement to avoid notice to vacate Digger Street.

Any car left on site will be pushed onto the street. The council will be notified of any cars left outside after 2 weeks with the owners liable for all fines & towing.