Meeting & Management

Digger Street is an evolving process, in it’s first year it had a mixture of autocratic democracy for speed sake. It is currently exploring a consensus approach. An open source international model for consensus decision making is at the end of this document. It is easy & effective at speeding up this process whilst supporting all views and objectives.


Learning from the first years, we believe that a mediation model needs to be put in place and are now also looking for approaches in this area.

Mediation Process:

1.Mediator Present.

2.State your case person 1.

3.State you case person 2.

4.What does each person want?

5.Mediate to find a solution.

6.Get too emotional, then time out.

Set role as supervisor

Set time for approach to problem

Be more visible and transparent, not in your room

Practice what you expect to be preached

The Code of Conduct & the not complying with the resident & WWOOFer obligations are the grounds you can evict a tenant or guest

Lost and Found

Please place any lost, dazed and confused looking items on the shelves in the Resource Area at the back of 107


 All accounts and bills are the responsibility of the Digger Street. Management is handled through a weekly meeting. Write down the point/s you wished bring up within the meeting where everyone will have an opportunity to raise topics etc. Meeting’s start promptly at 7:00pm and finish around 7:30pm every Wednesday. All Resident’s Meetings are held at 346 and all are encouraged to attend. That way we know we have considered everyone’s opinion. All decisions stand whether you were at the meeting or not. Sometimes it finishes late, depending on the matters raised. The upcoming tasks to do around the place are written on the Wwoofers task board by the lounge area.