Spaces totally created for artists to reside, socialise, commune and explore their craft within. It is a creative environment and where you see people doing their craft, please respect their space. To prevent distraction to artists please behave respectfully. No food preparation or storage to happen in the residential spaces. This includes coffee making or refrigerators.

Residence 346

346 is our service or communal house. It’s where our tea room and only kitchen can be found. It is a place to entertain, show their art & share their skills. This is also where we hold our Wednesday weekly meeting, cook and eat our meals, and hold the odd gathering. Additionally, this is where the WWOOFers are housed.

Live in Studio Spaces

Studio spaces are available when and wherever the space allows us to offer them. They are usually priced from $190 per week. All we ask is that you:

  • Contribute to a creatively conducive atmosphere.
  • Use your space as a work space only (not to be used for accommodation for anyone).
  • Are considerate of the residents who may be near your studio in regards to noise, fumes/gases, chemicals, materials & processes.
  • Agree to and abide by the Mission Statement & Code of Conduct.
  • Feel free to involve yourself in the exhibition of work in and around Digger Street
  • Contribute financially or in-kind for all the Digger Street tea, coffee, food & drinks consumed.
  • Contribute to the communal systems & spaces, as well as keeping all communal areas clean.