Recycling Bins

There are separate Bins in each house for plastic bottles, tins, cans and glass, kept near the Washing Up sinks:

Yellow Lid - All recyclable material (glass, paper, plastic, cans)

Only materials with the recycle symbols 1-7 on the containers.

Green Lid - All non-recyclable material, including plastic bags and containers without the 1-7 recycle symbol.

Please bring all rubbish and recycling to 346.

Put bins out each week on a Wednesday night.

Compost Bins

Any food waste should go into the compost bins to the left of the dish washing sink. There are 2 compost bins:

Chicken compost bin (No Coffee, citrus, tea bags, Avocado), they like grains, protein and fresh veg trimmings and peel.

Garden compost bin (Everything except citrus and onion skin).

Please put all chicken friendly organic waste in the chicken compost bin and everything else in the garden compost bin. If you are unsure which bin is which or what goes in which one, read the signs above the containers!

If all of this is done by everyone the rubbish bin will be much lighter and less waste goes to the magical place know as ‘away’