How to Make KimChi! - One of the worlds healthiest foods!

Dissolve 3 tb spoons of salt in 6 cups of water

Put 2lbs of Chinese cabbage in a large bowl and pour the brine over. Let stand for 12 hrs.

Drain the cabbage reserving the brine

Mix in 6 scallions, fresh minced ginger, 2 tbls spoons of dried hot pepper hot spice of your choice. Add more or less depending on heat preferred. As well as 1 tsp of sugar

Push a freezer bag into jar to seal. Pour in the remaining brine

Seal the bag and let the Kim chi ferment in a cool place for 3-6 days

Kim Chi can be stored for up to three months and is packed with A,C, Calcium, iron and pro-biotics

It is excellent for aiding digestion and circulation