Peel and core the pumpkin (peeling is optional - some people like the skins)

cut into small pieces and place in baking dish drizzled with little olive oil, cover with tin foil and put in oven at 130 degrees for about 30 mins

You can toss some finely chopped garlic in with the pumpkin while it is roasting; after the pumpkin becomes soft you can add fresh basil or parsley chopped up

take the tin foil off and stir and mash pumpkin. this is a good time to taste and add aditional flavouring like salt and pepper. put back into oven to let flavors cook in with tin foil off

nutmeg and cinnamon also go very well with pumpkin

Roast pumpkin and veggies

You can also do the same with larger chunks of pumpkin, sweet potato or squash

chop and peel, place in baking dish with a little water, oil, and spices such as garlic and rosemary or tumeric and ginger with sea salt

cover with tin foil and let bake in oven for about 30-50 mins, depending on oven and size of chunks

you want them to be soft but not too mushy