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After going to the same festival for nearly 30 years I now see grandparents, their children and their children's children. All growing up in the same memetic spaces as those before them. In villages they sit, telling stories of themselves, of others, of people passed, usually of vintage age.
While another flirts Spring with youthful enthusiasm, falls in love, have children, then through wanting to maintain their cultural connection facilitate family spaces in their once radical setting.
Those who have passed are usually young through tragedy.
These are my biological bookends of mass gatherings, birth, death and the telling of a stories of in between. Some result in changes to ritual, some become traditions and it's very much in the telling power of the stories, both collectively and individually, do we sense something more is going on. Something very different to an afternoon at a random event.

** Why "Tradition?"
   - Good question - I was looking for a word starting with the letter "T" which represented the commonalities of Burner/Confestor culture

So I asked GPT
It responded with

"Tradition refers to a set of beliefs, customs, practices, or values that are passed down from generation to generation within a particular community or society. It represents the accumulated knowledge, experiences, and ways of life that have been preserved and maintained over time. Traditions often encompass various aspects of a culture, including rituals, celebrations, social norms, and artistic expressions. They can be related to religious, familial, national, or regional contexts and play a significant role in shaping a community's identity and providing a sense of continuity and belonging."

Works for me and i wonder is this the dawn of a new dual existence of my organic mind augmented with the knowledge bank my AI assembles for me.
While I currently still choose, its from a vastly improved set of options, much like chess Centaur style.

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