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Tech Session

May/June 2023 - Tech Session on Now. A brainstorm and playpen of tech to serve humanity through these strange times. If you have an interest in identity, democracy, decentralisation, data-privacy, d-web, Ai or any other Now technology, then come on over. Bring your own everything, we have a roof and the internet and lots of space.

Burning Seed Facilitators Conference

Date: July

Location - Online - out of Melbourne, Sydney, Matong


If coming for Burning Seed

Don't forget your water

* Water in a bag

Don't forget your food

* Food In a Box

If you'r a Theme Camp.......

* Consider storage at Vinnies
* Consider making your art at Vinnies

If your crew.......

* Kitchen, Shower, Washing Machine
* Planning Room
* Limited stayovers

If your bringing art

* Consider storage at Vinnies
* Consider making your art at Vinnies

Vinnies Shed

Can always do with a helping hand

Camping is available nearby in the Matong State Forest forest
|- Matong State Forest - Link
 - Along the Murrumbidgee

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