We offer a cup of tea and a chance to chill out

By appointment, please use the chat before visiting



T-House is a chance to  keep that ConFest Vibe going a little bit longer

During my many years driving up and down the East Coast of Australia, following the festival circuit, from hot Melbourne summers to the balmy Northern winters and back again

I would bump into amazing like-minded people, and I had fun finding those secret places where we would gather. Somewhere, you could just park the van for a day or two and chill out before I went to the fest.

This is what we are hoping the T-House will become, a place where we can hang out on our way to or from Riverina based festivals.

A last chance to tidy up the van and stretch the legs before the last leg.

The T-House is 3.0 hours from the Confest, Moulamein site, making it ideal for people travelling from Brisbane, Sydney or Canberra

Space is limited, so please use the chat bot below, Please do not arrive without prior ok. if your into Fest Tech, check out DWeb

Consider bringing/gifting some tea bags, the more obscure the better. See any stray tea pots, t- spoons or tea paraphernalia. it will be gladly re-homed at the T-House.

Its always nice to leave something for those who come after

T-House a chance to  keep that ConFest Vibe going a little bit longer

The T-House does not charge,  it runs on the energy and donations it users contribute.



Tech Session - T- House

April/May 2024 - DWeb - Drop in and hang out - Tech Sessions .

T-House has good yet limited space and can handle about 10-15 people

Camping is available nearby in the Matong State Forest forest

- Matong State Forest - Link

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