"The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want."
- George Lucas

Technology Maker Residency

Are you the kind of person that would strip old electronics for parts to make an electric skateboard? Do you find moments of zen when soldering a circuit board? Does your idea of an exhilerating day involve writing the next bit of code for your robotic food processor? If any of this sounds like you, then you might be just perfect for T-House's Tech Maker Space Residency.

The Tech Maker Space Residency at T-House looks for people that want to be involved in building and opperating our community Maker Space in Tropical North Queensland. While living at the T-house, you will learn how our Tech Maker Space works, and then be placed in charge of facilitating the space for our member community. Over the course of three months, you gain invaluable experience in organising a community space, while learning about the tech projects that are currently in motion at T-House.

In addition to the experience you gain, you will have free room and board, paid for by T-House as an exchange for the time and effort you put into the space. Plus, you will have the opportunity to collaboate with the other T-House residents running the Food and Garden Maker spaces at T-House.

T-House Tech Maker Space Residents will...

- Ensure the tech space is open and accessable to the members of the T-House tech community.

- Orient new members to the space and keep current members up to date on changes.

- Reach out to local communities to recruit new members and promote T-House programs.

- Collaborate on new ideas for the Tech space.

- Create procedural documentation for members and new residents.

- Perform daily maintenance tasks to ensure the space is organised, well functioning, and clean.

- Assist in the development and facilitation of programs and workshops.

- Obtain and maitain tools and supplies.

- Train a new Tech Maker Space Resident before finishing their residency.

The Tech Maker Space is a new project for T-House, which means that our first residents will be playing an active role in creating the space from the ground up. We are looking for people that are self-motivated, community minded, and that love being around technology.

If you are excited about an opportunity to collaborate with us on creating a great Tech Maker space for the Cairns community, let us know by filling out our application for the T-House Tech Maker Space Residency.

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