History of the T-House

In previous years the space belonged to a project called Diggerstreet - an arts project that revitalised a couple of quite down lived houses in the area a couple of years later the place was ready to attract a group of people that took it a step further, a #Permaculture #Garden was designed and the focus shifted from art to community engagement.


Health and sustainability focused workshops started and people would come together to learn about how to use the local garden produce to prepare wholesome meals.


Re-branded to be the T-House to open the doors for people to continue learning and teach each other, to discuss topics relevant for the local community over a cup of home grown herbal teas soon became more than this, a space to encourage transition. It also build the foundation for a unique Tech space to emerge and an opportunity to tap into some current international movements like the make movement. Three distinct areas of the project stood out, Tech, Food and Plant to become the Tech Maker Space, the Food Maker Space and the Plant Maker Space.

The T-House has attracted hundreds of people over the years from many different countries all over the world and at all ages to come together to create.


3.1: READ THIS FIRST before applying.

 So you want to Wwoof @ T-House? Good choice!

** Please Note: T-House does not qualify for a second year Visa **

Once you have applied for Wwoofing at T-House we will get in contact with you and organise a time for you to come and share a meal with us (usually a Thursday night community dinner). Hopefully you will have already learned about our base principles by spending time to research and read the information and guides provided on the t-house.org website.

This is really important as T-House is not a 'typical' community. Next it is important for us all to get an understanding for each other on a personal level.  


Because of the limited spaces at T-House we have put this system in place to ensure that each member really wants to be an active participant. From experience we know a few reasons why persons may not be suited for this particular project; clashing interests, diet, prior commitments or generally just prefering to live independently.

Don't get us wrong, these are not neccassarily negative, just not an ideal for the development of T-House projects. This would be your living situation but it is also a choice to be a participant in an actively developing project.


3.2: Wwoofing Contribution

Wwoofing hours are 5 hours per day, 5 days on, 2 days off. In total that is 25 hours commitment (plus a few hours of communal cooking per week).


Some of these shifts are 'Digital' Wwoofing & the rest of your Wwoofing hours will be spent working in the house or garden. There are always new projects under way that we would love your involvement in. This is open for discussion too, there are many garden beds and spaces in the house that can be developed, we love it when someone comes forward with an idea and plan of how we can improve our space or systems.  

Documentation is a very important part of our T-House project. Wwoofers are expected to take notes about what they learn and document it afterwards. The last hour of Wwoofing will be spent on getting the notes down into a text document. You could record these in your phone or diary. Bring these along to weekly meetings alongside 'Manuel'.


2 Weeks is the maxium length of stay for a Wwoofer.


3.3: Digital Wwoofing

This program is similar to 'normal' Wwoofing, but you are working on a 'digital farm'. We are an urban space at T-House and so do not have unlimited physical ground-work to do. However, there are worthwhile digital projects we can offer for people to volunteer their time to. If we are full in the garden, we can still usually give you a yes if you are prepared to do Digital Wwoofing & some paperwork. Digital projects include; updating, maintaining and keeping our website, manuals, systems and other tech footprints current. We are usually looking for people to help us this way.   


3.4: T-House Manual


'Manuel' is always getting older. The manual is an ongoing project. Created to help fill you in on any information about the systems in place here at T-House. It is a valuable resource. Put aside the time to research and read (there's lots of information). Even better take some notes to give us feedback. In constant development are the; 'T-House Manual', 'Plant Manual', 'Food Manual' & 'Tech Manual'. 'Manuel' is the oldest resident of T-House.



So you're still keen to give T-House a go? Write an expression of interest. Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Love & Peace,

The T-House Crew


No form of abuse will be tolerated at T-House. Forms of abuse include, but are not limited to, physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, intimidation, racism, ageism or religious prejudice. This includes abuse that may affect the mental and / or physical well being of any other resident, co-ordinator, participant, invited guests and/or visitors to the project.

All resident’s personal space & property plus all the communal T-House property is to be respected & looked after. Theft of any item is considered grounds for eviction. No one can enter another person's room without permission unless in relation to the eviction of an individual.

It is an expectation that in choosing to stay at T-House you agree to sign an application to participate in the T-House project. In choosing to stay you also agree to accept this “Code of Conduct”, be responsible for your guests abiding to this code of conduct and be willing to up hold this code of conduct from all visitors to T-House. By staying at T-House, you agree that violation of this code of conduct will result in (subject to a mediation process /community decision for conduct that is not physically harmful or threatening): a warning (written and/or verbal) or ejection from the project, effective immediately. All physical harm will be treated as assault and theft like wise a crime and will be referred to the police.


Mission Statement

T-House is an Art & Permaculture Project in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Working along communal lines, T-House aims to provide residencies for those that wish to pursue their art, activism & community work in a uniquely Australian way while stepping away from a consumer orientation. It is a community which is constantly evolving it’s processes to improve the quality of the experience for all it’s participants. It seeks to show that it is possible to shift our individual & collective orientation from a consumer orientation to a self sustaining & mutually beneficial stand

T-House is a community that offers the space to explore your ideas and projects in a creative, environmentally sustainable, socially just & spiritually fulfilling way for all the beings/species we share our home (planet earth) with.


Noise Control

It has been identified that one person needs to be conscious of the volume level throughout the course of evening events put on at T-House. This reduces the chances of fines, but also, the possibility of equipment confiscation by police, which happens if they have to return to a premises after already giving a warning (so careful guys, it is expensive!). All present at any event are responsible for keeping noise within limits and if no one has stepped forward to take on the role of paying attention to this; all are liable for any expenses incurred.

Whilst Digger Street encourages live music and music creation as a community, common sense must prevail.


Resident and WWOOFer obligations

  • Read and follow the T-House Manifesto & sign that you have read it and thus agree to it at the start of each stay.
  • Keep your 2nd floor or communal areas & room hygienic, graffiti free & clean.
  • Contribute at least one hour per day to the enhancement of T-House, beyond keeping your 2nd floor communal areas & room clean.
  • Sign up as a member to t-house.org.
  • Submit a bio and any other information pertaining to your art/ activist /community skills to t-house.org.
  • Respect other residents /participants and their personal spaces.
  • Attend weekly meetings.
  • Pay your rent on time and ensure you have paid two weeks in advance.
  • Follow through with commitments relating to T-House.
  • Contribute to a positive creative atmosphere through communication & collaborative participation.
  • Strive to be & willing to learn how to be as environmentally sustainable, socially just & fulfilling of your own and all species well-being.
  • Promote T-House and your own work.

Access & Security

For security reasons all the front doors of all the properties are to be kept closed and locked. No exceptions.

Entrance is always described as 346 Sheridan Street, irrespective of where you live.

The T-House Residency program in 2016.


What it is?

Successful Applicants will have the opportunity to shape one of the three T-House streams, Plant, Food or Tech.

Three month T-House Residency valued at $2160 includes board food Internet.

During their residency, residents takes on the responsibility of developing a program for a sustainable neighborhood/community house funded by the local community and its supporters

You are responsible for all aspects in the development of your project area/stream i.e. improving documentation, implementation, daily blog

We expect good documentation to ensure transfer of knowledge in a transient community.

You can experiment in ways to make the space more functional through either layout or process and with the engagement of fellow collaborators in your stream

We will help you develop the personal capacity and competency to manage and market a Maker Space including engaging other people in the topic and evolving the space to its next level.

The duration of a residency is 2 to 3 months.

 The T-House will cover the living expenses i.e. board, food, internet, etc 

Key elements of the project are Community involvement, collaboration and environmental Sustainability/Regeneration and thereby providing services to our local community.

It is a rare opportunity to both experience tropical North Queensland and help evolve a unique Regional Arts Project.

This is what it will be like for you:

* wake up in the morning and take in the beautiful environment of the Tropical North Queensland where Waterfalls and the Ocean are only a 20 minutes away

* you get to enjoy the pleasant surrounding created by you with the other makers and participants

* understanding the importance to communicate with the other participants of the projects to benefit from the advantages of communal effort.

* spend time at The Lab learning the latest in Open Source Online Frameworks

* learning and utilising this knowledge to further promote your stream to the broader community


Links to the individual residencies are here

Food Maker

Plant Maker

Tech Maker



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