No form of abuse will be tolerated at T-House. Forms of abuse include, but are not limited to, physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, intimidation, racism, ageism or religious prejudice. This includes abuse that may affect the mental and / or physical well being of any other resident, co-ordinator, participant, invited guests and/or visitors to the project.

All resident’s personal space & property plus all the communal T-House property is to be respected & looked after. Theft of any item is considered grounds for eviction. No one can enter another person's room without permission unless in relation to the eviction of an individual.

It is an expectation that in choosing to stay at T-House you agree to sign an application to participate in the T-House project. In choosing to stay you also agree to accept this “Code of Conduct”, be responsible for your guests abiding to this code of conduct and be willing to up hold this code of conduct from all visitors to T-House. By staying at T-House, you agree that violation of this code of conduct will result in (subject to a mediation process /community decision for conduct that is not physically harmful or threatening): a warning (written and/or verbal) or ejection from the project, effective immediately. All physical harm will be treated as assault and theft like wise a crime and will be referred to the police.


Mission Statement

T-House is an Art & Permaculture Project in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Working along communal lines, T-House aims to provide residencies for those that wish to pursue their art, activism & community work in a uniquely Australian way while stepping away from a consumer orientation. It is a community which is constantly evolving it’s processes to improve the quality of the experience for all it’s participants. It seeks to show that it is possible to shift our individual & collective orientation from a consumer orientation to a self sustaining & mutually beneficial stand

T-House is a community that offers the space to explore your ideas and projects in a creative, environmentally sustainable, socially just & spiritually fulfilling way for all the beings/species we share our home (planet earth) with.


Noise Control

It has been identified that one person needs to be conscious of the volume level throughout the course of evening events put on at T-House. This reduces the chances of fines, but also, the possibility of equipment confiscation by police, which happens if they have to return to a premises after already giving a warning (so careful guys, it is expensive!). All present at any event are responsible for keeping noise within limits and if no one has stepped forward to take on the role of paying attention to this; all are liable for any expenses incurred.

Whilst Digger Street encourages live music and music creation as a community, common sense must prevail.


Resident and WWOOFer obligations

  • Read and follow the T-House Manifesto & sign that you have read it and thus agree to it at the start of each stay.
  • Keep your 2nd floor or communal areas & room hygienic, graffiti free & clean.
  • Contribute at least one hour per day to the enhancement of T-House, beyond keeping your 2nd floor communal areas & room clean.
  • Sign up as a member to
  • Submit a bio and any other information pertaining to your art/ activist /community skills to
  • Respect other residents /participants and their personal spaces.
  • Attend weekly meetings.
  • Pay your rent on time and ensure you have paid two weeks in advance.
  • Follow through with commitments relating to T-House.
  • Contribute to a positive creative atmosphere through communication & collaborative participation.
  • Strive to be & willing to learn how to be as environmentally sustainable, socially just & fulfilling of your own and all species well-being.
  • Promote T-House and your own work.

Access & Security

For security reasons all the front doors of all the properties are to be kept closed and locked. No exceptions.

Entrance is always described as 346 Sheridan Street, irrespective of where you live.