The T-House Residency program in 2016.


What it is?

Successful Applicants will have the opportunity to shape one of the three T-House streams, Plant, Food or Tech.

Three month T-House Residency valued at $2160 includes board food Internet.

During their residency, residents takes on the responsibility of developing a program for a sustainable neighborhood/community house funded by the local community and its supporters

You are responsible for all aspects in the development of your project area/stream i.e. improving documentation, implementation, daily blog

We expect good documentation to ensure transfer of knowledge in a transient community.

You can experiment in ways to make the space more functional through either layout or process and with the engagement of fellow collaborators in your stream

We will help you develop the personal capacity and competency to manage and market a Maker Space including engaging other people in the topic and evolving the space to its next level.

The duration of a residency is 2 to 3 months.

 The T-House will cover the living expenses i.e. board, food, internet, etc 

Key elements of the project are Community involvement, collaboration and environmental Sustainability/Regeneration and thereby providing services to our local community.

It is a rare opportunity to both experience tropical North Queensland and help evolve a unique Regional Arts Project.

This is what it will be like for you:

* wake up in the morning and take in the beautiful environment of the Tropical North Queensland where Waterfalls and the Ocean are only a 20 minutes away

* you get to enjoy the pleasant surrounding created by you with the other makers and participants

* understanding the importance to communicate with the other participants of the projects to benefit from the advantages of communal effort.

* spend time at The Lab learning the latest in Open Source Online Frameworks

* learning and utilising this knowledge to further promote your stream to the broader community


Links to the individual residencies are here

Food Maker

Plant Maker

Tech Maker