History of the T-House

In previous years the space belonged to a project called Diggerstreet - an arts project that revitalised a couple of quite down lived houses in the area a couple of years later the place was ready to attract a group of people that took it a step further, a #Permaculture #Garden was designed and the focus shifted from art to community engagement.


Health and sustainability focused workshops started and people would come together to learn about how to use the local garden produce to prepare wholesome meals.


Re-branded to be the T-House to open the doors for people to continue learning and teach each other, to discuss topics relevant for the local community over a cup of home grown herbal teas soon became more than this, a space to encourage transition. It also build the foundation for a unique Tech space to emerge and an opportunity to tap into some current international movements like the make movement. Three distinct areas of the project stood out, Tech, Food and Plant to become the Tech Maker Space, the Food Maker Space and the Plant Maker Space.

The T-House has attracted hundreds of people over the years from many different countries all over the world and at all ages to come together to create.