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Dear fellow T-House-ians or previous Diggers,

We are reaching out to all of you and our Community to let you know that the T-House project in its current form will come

to an end by the 20th of this month. The housing and community project started as the Digger Street project more than 10 years

ago and transformed many people’s lives.


No matter in what way you were involved in the past we would love to see you one more time for our Wrap-up party on the

18th of Nov 2016 from 14.00pm ‘til 20th Nov - late.

There will be lots of small and bigger nick nacks to give away or auctioned throughout the weekend and the weeks/days leading up

to the event.

As it re-defined itself many times and was shaped by the impacts of lots of people (the place always allowed for personal interpretation

and mis-interpretation) it was something different for everyone that came through but a few things are for sure it attracted many amazing,

inspiring, alternative-minded people in the area and from all over the world. Just think about how many people met each other or had

some stories to share through this place…

Let's get together and ... !

teahouseblackboard copy This gathering is another chance to time-lapse through past events and first and
foremost to network up one more time in this unique space in Cairns, 346 Sheridan St.

The co-created experiences and communal learnings will live on in our hearts and minds…

nevertheless it would be great to have a few of these memories in written form as a reference.

In this context we would also like to ask you for some words about your experience at the in this space.

A few words on how this community and co-living project has had its impacts on your live are much appreciated

no matter if you can make it to the event or not. please send you words via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

via facebook as a private message.


Feel free to add a photo of yourself. This will be published on the Experience @ T-House Page on our Website.



Be part of the community and connect with like-minded people.


Thanks a lot and hopefully see you soon one more time at the T-House.


Sunny times before the wet - enjoy and laugh lots!


Your T-House Team





The T-House is a magical place. It encourages you to start your own projects and supports you while doing that. From the first day it felt like home, the community gave me a warm welcome and integrated me directly in the current projects. I could express my ideas and thoughts without and judgement. The environment feels so healthy because although it’s an urban space, the life at T-House is pretty close to nature and all the good things that nature gives us. I learned so much about co-living, co-working and about myself, that I never want to miss this experience.


How to prepare Meetings and Events at Diggerstreet:

Diggerstreet is a great venue for holding Events and little Meetings for different groups of people. In order to create room for this kind of happenings we need to facilite some basic structure around those Events. It can be your Job as a Wwoofer to prepare the Space.

Weekly / Mini Meetings:

In order to prepare for Weekly / Mini Meetings its good to know how many people possibly will show up. Do they need wifi? Do they need powerpoints? Do they wanna have dinner or tea? All this kind of information you should get if you look at the Booking they made. 

You should start preparing the Space at least one hour before the Meeting happens. Weekly / Mini Meetings usually happen in the "Office-Area" next to the kitchen. Start by putting enough chairs and tables into place, place powerpoints if needed. Make sure the wifi is working. If necessary give the Office-area a general tidy up. In case they booked dinner or tea, start preparing that in the right timeframe so everything is ready for them at the right time.

Big Events / Weekend Gatherings:

Diggerstreet is a beautiful and good working place for Weekend Gatherings and the space can hold up to 70 People and give them enough room to gather,meet, eat and talk.

It can be difficult for Eventholders to estimate the number of people which will show up, so it could be between 10 and 100 people. The basic things that should be organized and that the Eventholder should give you some information about are is there speakers,microphone required? Is there a projector or other multimedia devices needed? Is food required? Extra chairs if big number of people are expected? Extra outside space in form of a Tent? Are there signs needed? Other things that are important are to have clean toilets and enough toilet paper before the event starts. Other than that it depens a lot on the individual event and the eventholders, it will not be your Job as a wwoofer to plan and organize the whole event, its just about some help for the basic preparations.



How to get involved at the T-House?


There are many ways that you can get involved at T-House. Any time/energy into the Tech/Food or Garden Maker Spaces contributed is really appreciated. Come kick start a project!  Get in touch with us.

Donations are also really appreciated to keep our projects going, weather that is cash donation or by bringing us over seeds, seedlings, maybe you have abundance of one fruit or vegie from your garden and we could make an exchange of something we have abundance of. 

Knowledge is also very valuable, we all learn from each other so willingness to come into the community and share knowledge is another way to get involved! That could be a yoga class, garden workshop, cooking class etc. 

At the T-House we are also a self organising system. We are continuously updating and extending the information provided online. This is work in process so please feel welcome to give us feed back to help us improve our system. We hope that by us providing online documentation when a new member walks into the community they are already aware of the systems in place. 

Self Organising Systems is an exploration of bubble up systems that builds resilience and creates multiple redundancies within the process. 





Register @ T-House

Manual 4 T-House



Community Dinners @ T-House

Starting 6 pm, with the interactive food preparation - Every Thursday.

Come share a communal dinner followed by a cuppa.

One night a week T-House is open to people to come and share a communal meal.

Starting from 6pm onwards, we encourage people to come early and get involved in our cooking space and conversation. 

All meals are vegetarian and we try to accomodate for anyone who has allergies or dietry requirements (gluten free, vegan, lactose intolerant etc) as long as they have let us known prior to the preperation of the meal.

Any contribution is really appreciated whether that is bringing something to chuck in the pot or a donation to the community cash pot :)

Don't feel shy to come alone or to bring interested friends.

The T-House is a space that implements sustainable post-consumerist behaviour for people to learn through experience.

A sustainable food supply is a main thread of the T-House concept. Creating positive food sharing space, a key element for a healthy and happily functioning community.

The project's aim is to increase the percentage of foods in our diet that are plant-based, locally sourced, and from sustainable farming.

It embraces many interrelated and progressive concepts including the following:

  • - permaculture
  • - organic/ bio dynamics
  • - raw food (soaking,fermenting)
  • - grow your own - seed saving
  • - kitchen-garden connection
  • - how to prepare your local foods
  • - food exchange
  • - no wastage
  • - making things last (preserving, storing)

Coming along to a Thursday night dinner where it is a chance for you to meet the community and see how things work at the T-House.

 It would be nice if you could bring some veggies or anything else as a contribution to a great meal and your time for the preparation.

(Ideas: locally grown and little processed, the meals are vegetarian and often by accident also vegan and gluten or/and lactose free, as that's what happens if you cook out of a garden)

Otherwise you can always make a donation!


 We look forward to seeing you! :)


Collection of all documented processes.

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