How to prepare Meetings and Events at Diggerstreet:

Diggerstreet is a great venue for holding Events and little Meetings for different groups of people. In order to create room for this kind of happenings we need to facilite some basic structure around those Events. It can be your Job as a Wwoofer to prepare the Space.

Weekly / Mini Meetings:

In order to prepare for Weekly / Mini Meetings its good to know how many people possibly will show up. Do they need wifi? Do they need powerpoints? Do they wanna have dinner or tea? All this kind of information you should get if you look at the Booking they made. 

You should start preparing the Space at least one hour before the Meeting happens. Weekly / Mini Meetings usually happen in the "Office-Area" next to the kitchen. Start by putting enough chairs and tables into place, place powerpoints if needed. Make sure the wifi is working. If necessary give the Office-area a general tidy up. In case they booked dinner or tea, start preparing that in the right timeframe so everything is ready for them at the right time.

Big Events / Weekend Gatherings:

Diggerstreet is a beautiful and good working place for Weekend Gatherings and the space can hold up to 70 People and give them enough room to gather,meet, eat and talk.

It can be difficult for Eventholders to estimate the number of people which will show up, so it could be between 10 and 100 people. The basic things that should be organized and that the Eventholder should give you some information about are is there speakers,microphone required? Is there a projector or other multimedia devices needed? Is food required? Extra chairs if big number of people are expected? Extra outside space in form of a Tent? Are there signs needed? Other things that are important are to have clean toilets and enough toilet paper before the event starts. Other than that it depens a lot on the individual event and the eventholders, it will not be your Job as a wwoofer to plan and organize the whole event, its just about some help for the basic preparations.