T-House Induction Sheet (keep this form).

Welcome to T-House! Each member of the T-House community is valued, and everyone's effort is important. Our vision is to have each member show initiative and join in a communal effort to accomplish day to day tasks and projects. Please treat our space as you would your own.

We take inspiration from the 10 principles of Burning Man: Civic Responsibility, Communal Effort, Participation, Immediacy, Radical Self-Expression, Radical Self-Reliance, Radical Inclusion, Decommodification, Gifting, and Leave No Trace.

Public Space versus Private Space:

Your rooms are your sanctuary. Keep your room and all valuable items locked. Only Residents and Wwoofers are allowed in the upstairs living quarters. It is each community member's responsibility to keep the common areas tidy.


Please, if you have not already, register at our website: www.t-house.org. Read the T-House Manual and Online Documentation. Afterwards, if you have unanswered questions, take note so we can update our manual. By doing so, you can pass forward knowledge and experience, and those that come after can collectively benefit from your actions.

Notes on Walls:

Pay attention to signage around the house, as they provide valuable information for staying at T-House. If you have suggestions on how to improve these systems, please let us know, so we can implement changes.

Access & Security:

For security reasons please do not leave valuable items unattended in the common areas. Take responsibility for your own belongings and keep them locked up. If you do not have a safe space to store items, we are happy to store items in the locked storage pantry.

Health & Safety:

It is your responsibility to let us know of any contagious or infectious diseases, as well as any parasites you may have. This policy protects our community, as we live and share communal spaces. If you are sick, please make the community aware and take extra precautions to ensure hygiene.  

Meal Preparation:

We run a vegetarian kitchen. Whether you are a Resident or a WWOOF’er you are expected to assist in the creation of meals. Gather @ 6pm at the T-House to assist in cooking or put aside time after the meal to help clean up. Guests are welcome at our community dinners on Thursday evenings, so feel free to invite friends to join us! Please also remind guests that donations are appreciated for their plate.

If you have any eating requirements or dietary restrictions, please write on chalk board above food prep area, so we can accommodate you.

Code of Conduct:

No form of abuse will be tolerated at T-House. Forms of abuse include, but are not limited to physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, intimidation, racism, ageism or religious prejudice. Honesty and open communication is a must. Please feel welcome to vocalise any concerns you may have.

By agreeing to stay and participate at T-House, participants accept that violation of this code of conduct will result in a warning (written and/or verbal) or possible ejection from the project, effective immediately.

* [Current?] Payment:

Payment is required in advance of your stay. On arrival fill out a residency form and put payment and completed form with Ned.

Noise Control:

Whilst T-House encourages live music and music creation as a community, common sense must prevail.


-We cannot be used as an address for Centrelink, nor sign any rent certificates unless you are a permanent resident.

-WWOOF’ing at T-House does not count for second year visa.

-Attend the Wednesday Community Meeting.

-Aim to contribute at least 1 hour per day to the

enhancement of T-House.

-Be respectful of all other T-Housees, their personal space and our communal areas.

-Bring forward creative & positive energy into the space.




All invoices are to be stored in the wooden cupboard in the pantry. When anything is delivered slide the invoices under the Pantry door. 

A keyholder will file them in the wooden cupboard.

Every once in a while one of the keyholders will give them to Robin (or he gets them himself) so they can go in the actual financial folders in the office.


Petty cash

The Petty cash box is to be found in the wooden cupboard in the pantry. When ever money comes in (for example from donations) put it in there and write the

income down in the Petty cash book. When ever the money for milk in the jar on the breakfast bar runs low, one of the keyholders should fill it up.

The receipts for the milk need to be filed in the Petty cash box. 


Recycling Bins

There are separate Bins in each house for plastic bottles, tins, cans and glass, kept near the Washing Up sinks:
Yellow Lid - All recyclable material (glass, paper, plastic, cans)
Only materials with the recycle symbols 1-7 on the containers.
Green Lid - All non-recyclable material, including plastic bags and containers without the 1-7 recycle symbol.
Please bring all rubbish and recycling to 346.
Put bins out each week on a Wednesday night.




Compost Bins

There are 2 compost bins:
Chicken compost bin (No Coffee, citrus, tea bags, Avocado), they like grains, protein and fresh veg trimmings and peel.
Garden compost bin (Everything except citrus and onion skin).
Please put all chicken friendly organic waste in the chicken compost bin and everything else in the garden compost bin. If you are unsure which bin is which or what goes in which one, read the signs above the containers!
If all of this is done by everyone the rubbish bin will be much lighter and less waste goes to the magical place know as ‘away’.

T - House