Why is it so important to eat right?

To be happy and productive. This is on what life can be based! By making people happy and by helping them deal with their food abuse. This does not only prevent most of the current health issues of Western Society, like high blood pressure, diabetes, related to overweight and lead to higher energy levels, but is also an important part of finding a sustainable living. If you want lower health care costs, then care about what you eat. Prevention! Good food is well worth it. The following shows how much of what kind of food everyone can eat to be healthy. Be inspired by this when you look for alternatives to fast food.


Before reading about food, always remember that enough liquid is the most important issue. Let it be pure and full of the right minerals.

Communal meals

As everyone enjoys spending social time, Communal meals are a great opportunity to talk about projects, as well as shores, and it helps a lot to make the place social, friendly and open for newcomers, so try to encourage them as much as possible.

This way of cooking on a larger scale, as well as ordering foods in bulks, minimizes expenditures as well.

All food purchased by Digger Street belongs to everyone, so it is kept at 346 in the stores or food prep areas and fridges.
None of this food is to be stored or kept in any other area, including bedrooms. Any personal snacks or food is requested to not be kept in your rooms, as it encourages rats and insects. Please label your goods and keep them in the Guest Fridge.
All food needs to have the lids replaced tightly every time, to stop ants, vermin and other insects. As we have bulk food, ant, insect and vermin tainted food means larger financial implications for all of us.


Digger Street is predominately a vegetarian household, we find this makes it easier to shop for the different tastes within the house, and also stretches the budget further.

It takes up a lot less resources if you reduce meat consumption (one meat-based diet could feed 15 plant-based diets, and it takes 27 times more fossil energy to get enough protein from beef than from soy). But by all means, buy meat if you wish to eat it!
Ideas: the production of fish and chicken is possible with less resources than beef, and there are too many kangaroos in Australia at the moment.

Garden versus concrete

Eating out of the garden provides by far the highest quality by providing the most minerals and vitamins, and at the same time makes sure that there are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers or antibiotics in your food.

Free food: Inform yourself about existing food sources:

- Bush Tucker: How can I use my environment to nurture me? (edible plant section in the botanic garden)
Ideas: native plants as well as Weeds.

- Urban area: http://www.localharvest.org


This is your kitchen, so feel free to use it and make sure you treat it responsibly. There are bigger (next to the veggie fridge) and smaller containers (in the fridge outside) for butter and cheese. Refill the small ones when they run out.

There is a board for food orders so please write down what you feel is missing or should be reordered.

Food orders are organized at the Wednesday 7 pm Meeting.

Buying less processed foods and thereby getting back to more natural foods is an important aim.

Alternatives to supermarkets

  • Local/farmers markets
  • Local bakeries/fruit & veggie shops
  • Health food stores
  • Bulk supplier
  • Internet ordering