Community Dinners @ T-House

Starting 6 pm, with the interactive food preparation - Every Thursday.

Come share a communal dinner followed by a cuppa.

One night a week T-House is open to people to come and share a communal meal.

Starting from 6pm onwards, we encourage people to come early and get involved in our cooking space and conversation. 

All meals are vegetarian and we try to accomodate for anyone who has allergies or dietry requirements (gluten free, vegan, lactose intolerant etc) as long as they have let us known prior to the preperation of the meal.

Any contribution is really appreciated whether that is bringing something to chuck in the pot or a donation to the community cash pot :)

Don't feel shy to come alone or to bring interested friends.

The T-House is a space that implements sustainable post-consumerist behaviour for people to learn through experience.

A sustainable food supply is a main thread of the T-House concept. Creating positive food sharing space, a key element for a healthy and happily functioning community.

The project's aim is to increase the percentage of foods in our diet that are plant-based, locally sourced, and from sustainable farming.

It embraces many interrelated and progressive concepts including the following:

  • - permaculture
  • - organic/ bio dynamics
  • - raw food (soaking,fermenting)
  • - grow your own - seed saving
  • - kitchen-garden connection
  • - how to prepare your local foods
  • - food exchange
  • - no wastage
  • - making things last (preserving, storing)

Coming along to a Thursday night dinner where it is a chance for you to meet the community and see how things work at the T-House.

 It would be nice if you could bring some veggies or anything else as a contribution to a great meal and your time for the preparation.

(Ideas: locally grown and little processed, the meals are vegetarian and often by accident also vegan and gluten or/and lactose free, as that's what happens if you cook out of a garden)

Otherwise you can always make a donation!


 We look forward to seeing you! :)