How to get involved at the T-House?


There are many ways that you can get involved at T-House. Any time/energy into the Tech/Food or Garden Maker Spaces contributed is really appreciated. Come kick start a project!  Get in touch with us.

Donations are also really appreciated to keep our projects going, weather that is cash donation or by bringing us over seeds, seedlings, maybe you have abundance of one fruit or vegie from your garden and we could make an exchange of something we have abundance of. 

Knowledge is also very valuable, we all learn from each other so willingness to come into the community and share knowledge is another way to get involved! That could be a yoga class, garden workshop, cooking class etc. 



The counterpoint to The Lab Cairns is the T-House..

We have a beautiful place to hangout and stay when not geeking at The Lab at the colorful and inspiring T-House

At the T-House we are also a self organising system. We are continuously updating and extending the information provided online. This is work in process so please feel welcome to give us feed back to help us improve our system. We hope that by us providing online documentation when a new member walks into the community they are already aware of the systems in place. 

T-House is a transitional space and should not be considered as long term accomodation. We have learnt that by relying on the knowledge of one member, when that member leaves we have to re-learn or re-establish that relation in the community. If the knowledge is shared communally, then we are able to learn from one anothers experience and carry the information forward. This also removes hierachy as it creates a system that is reliant on common consiousness and equal responsibilty. So during your stay, remenber documentation is key! 

Self Organising Systems is an exploration of bubble up systems that builds resilience and creates multiple redundancies within the process. 

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There are the following ways of staying at T-House

Links to the individual residencies where you create and facilitate programing for other participants

Food Maker Residency

Plant Maker Residency

Tech Maker Residency


You can also stay as a paying resident $180 per week including food, board, internet and utility bills included, (Short term only)

Or you can Wwoof for 25 hours per week (5*5h Shifts - Maximum Stay 2 weeks)


Register @ T-House

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