Food Maker Residency

Food. A global neccessity. The corner stone of society. We build our lives around food. It is more than sustainance. It is a shared human experience which we all understand, and it has the power to unite.

Over the years, T-House has observed the positive effects that healthy, shared meals have on communities. As the T-House project has evolved, so has a shared vegetarian kitchen that sources food from local farmers and wholesale providers. Now, having been inspired by the Maker Space movement, we are remodeling our open food preparation space to become the T-House Food Maker Space, and we want you to be involved.


We are offering a Food Maker Space Residency to adventurous "Foodies" that want to get involved in developing community around healthy, sustainable, vegetarian meals from local produce. Learn and teach about food that is produced in a way that it is good for us and grown in harmony with Nature.

While living at the T-house, you will learn how to manage a communal food preparation space, and be in charge of facilitating the space for T-House and our local member community. Over the course of three months, you will gain invaluable experience managing a vegetarian food space and organising the community around it.

As an exchange for the time and effort you put into the space we support you by offering free room and board at a value of $2500 next to the experiences you gain and your resulting personal growth.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the other T-House residents running the Plant and Tech Maker spaces at T-House.

T-House Food Maker Space Residents will...

- Plan, organise, and ensure that a number of meals are colaboratively prepared every week at the T-House.

- Develop meal plans that cater to dietary restrictions of T-House community members.

- Ensure vegetarian foods that are sustainably sourced are available for preparation 

- Manage Wwoofer kitchen crews.

- Experiment with new foods and cooking methods.

- Teach T-house community members methods for creating healthy meals.

- Engage the T-House community to prepare meals and keep the space hygienic.

- Collaborate with the T-House Plant Maker Space Resident to use food that has been grown in the T-House community garden.

- Plan and take lead on cooking a weekly meal that is open to members of the local community.

- Develop, organise, and assist facilitation of programs for the T-House and Food Maker Space community.

- Create documentation for the Food Maker Space operating procedures.

- Reach out to the local community to promote the T-House Food Maker Space and community garden.

- Orient new members to the kitchen and keep current members up to date on changes.

- Train a new Food Maker Space Resident before finishing their residency.

The Food Maker Space is a new project for T-House, which means that our first residents will be playing an active role in developing our vegetarian kitchen community. We are looking for people that are self-motivated, community minded, and that love to make delicious wholesome food.

If you are excited about an opportunity to collaborate with us on creating a great Food Maker Space for the Cairns community, let us know by filling out our application for the T-House Food Maker Space Residency.

"Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity."
-Louise Fresco

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