"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul."
- Alfred Austin

Plant Maker Residency

The gardener knows a unique kind of peace. A sort of calm communion with Mother Earth. Amidst the sun, soil, air, and water the gardener gives breath to life. They caringly attend to their seedlings, ensuring they reach maturity, at which point they derive sustainance from the plants that they have loved. Then the cycle begins again. Sounds pretty nice.

At the T-house, we understand and appreciate the benefits that gardening creates for individuals and local communities. So in the spirit of the Maker movement, we have designated our tropical garden as a community shared Plant Maker Space. Our garden has been part of the T-House community project for over five years, and now, we would like to invite you to help us tend to the garden and the community that uses it.

We offer our Plant Maker Residency to adventurous gardeners that want to be involved in building and opperating our community Maker Space in Tropical North Queensland. While living at the T-house, you will learn how our community garden is cared for, and then be placed in charge of facilitating the space for T-House and our local member community. Over the course of three months, you will gain invaluable experience in tending to a tropical community garden and organising the community surrounding it.

In addition to the experience you gain, you will have free room and board, paid for by T-House as an exchange for the time and effort you put into the space. Plus, you will have the opportunity to collaboate with the other T-House residents running the Food and Tech Maker spaces at T-House.

T-House Plant Maker Space Residents will...

- Learn about the tropical and seasonal plants growing in the garden and tend to them properly.

- Use permaculture design to reduce environmental impact and create urban scale food forests at T-House.

- Teach residents and community members about the plants in the garden; how they are cared for, harvested, stored, and used.

- Collaborate with the Food Maker Resident to provide food from the garden for community meals.

- Develop, organise and assist facilitation of programs for the T-House and Plant Maker Space community.

- Create documentation for the Plant Maker Space operating procedures. (considering seasons & identifying what plants are easy to grow in the space)

- Reach out to the local community to promote the T-House Plant Maker Space and community garden.

- Orient new members to the garden and keep current members up to date on changes.

- Intorduce Wwoofers to the community garden and manage Wwoofers during their work-trade shifts.

- Train a new Plant Maker Space Resident before finishing their residency.

The Plant Maker Space is a new project for T-House, which means that our first residents will be playing an active role in developing the garden community. We are looking for people whom are self-motivated, community minded, and love to garden.

If you are excited about an opportunity to collaborate with us on creating a great Plant Maker Space for the Cairns community, let us know by filling out our application for the T-House Plant Maker Space Residency.

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