We offer a cup of tea and a chance to chill out

By appointment, please use the chat before visiting


If you are passing through Matong, feel free to use the chat to see if we are open for visitors. Please do not visit without checking in first.

Vanners/Grey Nomads
There are always things to do and if you are able to help then we are more than happy to have you stay a day or two.

Use the chat for more information



There are a couple of ways you can stay at the T-House,

one is through donation of money, the other through effort. Either arrangement includes all bills including Starlink, excluding food.

Stays are limited and by negotiation.


If you are looking for a place where you can focus on what it is you want to do whether it be a creative or ?? 

The silence of Matong is a wonderful environment and the miimum of distractions means you have little to do other than your endeavour.


Through Effort

The T-House always needs stuff doing around the place

Through Money

By Donation,


Contact through Chat