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A maker space is a physical location, where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, create and network. The T-House caters for makers who are looking for a casual, community driven co-working space.


 20161019_142105.jpgThe Rev kindly donated this bench power supply to the cause. It is presently wired for 220VAC.

  An australian standard power cord will be fitted, the transformer input re-wired and the fuse will be replaced for 240 volt operation.

The manual was easily acquired and found to include wiring diagrams for 20161020_170745.jpgvarious input voltages.

Identifying the input pins of the transformer primary windings. 1,2,3,1,2,3





Comparing the original wiring to the diagram shows it is indeed wired for 220v




R20161020_174231.jpge-wired for 240v. The fuse was replaced and the unit tests within 0.2v of my crappy multimeter.  Next is to consult the manual and calibrate the meters.


 Today is the first rainy day since this project began, the day after Rusty’s sunday market where boxes of seconds fruit is almost given away before the stalls close. I have a solar powered, solar heated food dehydrator ready to test. We have banana1s and mangoes.  We don’t have sunshine. Here's a tech article instead.


  1. Black filing cabinet gets hot in the sun. We found 6 of these rust resistant racks.

  2. A couple of 12v fans placed low on the back of the cabinet will draw air from the top, providing circulation & exhaust.

  3. This solar panel should provide more than enough power.













20161021 144751

The top of the filing cabinet was removed bydrilling out a few rivets and an opening made in the back. The opening in the top directs air over the back of the top drawer. The air is heated by the metal cabinet as it flows down through each tray, gathering moisture from the fruit.  Later a solar air heater will be added to the inlet. The top went back on and rivets were replaced, a couple of new ones went in at the air inlet.

Fans installed below the base of the bottom draw will draw fresh air through all of the drawers. These were the only two I could find but I left room to fit 20161025 0905423 of the larger 100mm fans.  This is the right size to fit in the space under the base of the bottom draw.  Some work could be done to seal the gaps inside and direct airflow better.  A solar heated chimney could replace the fans and solar panel in a passive system.




20161025 090440

20161025 090449


The bottom of the drawers was cut out a little bit smaller than the racks. Hooks were made from scrap steel. I think there's room for 4 racks per drawer. One big mango takes up an entire rack.

20161025 090505




20161026 141327










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  Making the Maker Benches



The original brief we developed called for stand-up workstations with under desk caddies which would hold projects or tools.  Based on the small size of the room and the door that we intended to use, one workstation was smaller. After some calcs, the timber required was about 40m, and steel was suggest


welding the benches

It just so happened we had about 30m of 50mm angle steel in the yard, although it was rusting and would require (3 days of) grinding to get the rust off, it was free! It would clean up well and reduce the cost of the build.   The lengths of steel (3 x 9.3m, 1 x 1.8m) were labeled and a

cut list was written to ensure all of the lengths were available and to to make best use of the steel.  The legs would be 1200 each, that’s 9.6m just for the legs.  The tops would be cut from a 2400x1200 sheet of quality ply at 600 and 500.


The tops were built first, squared up on the concrete floor and tack welded together. Ezra helped me throughout the build, cleaning rust cutting steel to the right length and shape, eventually doing a few decent welds for a first timer. Anybody who wanted to try could have a go. With the tops finished, fairly square and upside down on the concrete,  the legs were tacked into place, squared up and welded solid.  In this picture we are attaching the lower leg supports, these will go on three sides, allowing the floor in front of the bench to be clear for storage trollys.

T House maker bench


This drawing was done after test fitting the benches during the build. The 50mm gap at the top right corner allows for the leg to clear the angle at the corner of the walls. The benches can be bolted together along the top where they meet and at one leg. Steel was a good choice for material, the benches are incredibly strong and stable. Even without bolting them to each other or to the walls.  The under-bench space is maximised because centre legs weren’t needed and there is opportunity to add shelving above and below the bench top.,




The (not really) finished product has been useful already. Check out some of the other tech articles and projects.




At the T-House we love our Tech! We are into all things Tech. From Joomla and websites to making robots and 3D printers! We discovered in Cairns there is no Hacker/Maker space for people to come and learn and be inspired. Or just be around like minded techy people. The T-house is a very creative space. Where you can come and use the facilities around such as kitchen and garden. Or if you just want to muck around with computers you can do that too! We wanted to create a Maker space in cairns where anyone can come and feel apart of something different and new!

Ou facilities are:

NBN Wifi

Four computers

Desks and chairs

Lounge area 

Kitchen facilities



T - House